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Experience our dedication to Sake


We have been held various events for you to share our passion for Sake making and to help you to learn more abourt Tenzan Sake.

We offer many types of events including Sake brewery visit and online tour through this web site and are looking forward to hearing from you.
By developing an intimate relationship with our wonderful customers we will continue to produce our beloved sake well into our future.

Open factory tour information

Open Sake brewery tourReservation required/ Total tour time about 50 mins.

  • 01Briefingabout 10min.
  • 02Open Sake brewery tourabout 10min.
  • 03Tastingabout 10min.
  • 04Shop tourabout 10min.

Details・Apply for tour

Online open Sake brewery tourReservation required/ Total tour time about 35 mins.

  • 01Briefingabout 10min.
  • 02オンラインで工場見学about 10min.
  • 03質疑応答about 5min.
  • 04オンラインストアのご案内about 5min.

Details・Apply for tour

Please check our business day before you apply the tour.

Sake brewing

We warmly welcome you to view our finest brewing process on location.
Please note that our sake making process varies depending on the season so not all process may be viewable.


Koji making process

This is a process that we sprinkle koji fungi over a well-prepared rise which is meticulously through the process of polishing, washing, and steaming to make fine “Koji.”
Koji is a special fungi which is propagated on grains such as rice, wheat, soybean.
Koji is an essential ingredient for Sake making.


Moromi (fermentation mash) process

There is a certain order to put ingredients , firstly brewing water, secondly Koji, thirdly Kakemai, into the tank in each of these three steps called “Soe”, “Naka” and “Tome” in this Moromi process.
This is due to the reason to extract the enzymes from the koji into the water first, so that it can be absorbed by the “kakemai” to be put in later. This process may look so dynamic but it’s required sensitive work.
The tanks lining up in our Sake brewery are very much outstanding scenery.


Bottling process

We have been running the newest filling machine to improve our product quality. We have achieved to bottle our products with preventing oxidation due to introduce this Italian-made monoblock filling machine, which injects nitrogen gas to fill and seal products with less oxygen.
We are making our fine sake also with paying close attention to the inspection process to ensure a safe and secured product quality to deliver our fine sake to customer.