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Tenzan Sparkling “Grande Cuvée”

“Grande Cuvée" is aged for 3 years to produce fine pearly bubbles.

“Grande Cuvée” is a sparkling sake brewed by Tenzan Sake Brewery’s patented manufacturing method.
Enjoy the fragrant brioche scent that is characteristic of vintage champagne, and the pearly fine bubbles that are formed after long-term aging for 3 years.
The name Grande Cuvée means “special bottle” and It is the most mellow sparkling sake after 3 years of long-term aging.
Manufactured for use in the world’s luxury a toast scenes. Celebrate your special anniversary with a special toast.

Ingredient Undisclosed
Rice Milling Rate Undisclosed
Alcohol 13%
Recommended temperature

Cool (13℃ – 16℃)

Suitable dishes Roast beef, Raw oysters, Lemon tart

※The figures could change depending on sake brewing year

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