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Tenzan Sparkling

Global sake with bubbles for celebrations - kampai!

Tenzan Sparkling is produced with suitable sake rice and the spring water from the Tenzan mountain which is famous for fireflies. It undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle and soutirage (racking).
This ‘Dosage Zero’ sparkling sake is brewed using the skills and techniques of the virtuoso Kurodo (artisans) and has a new style with a pure rice flavour.
Please try it as a toast when celebrating or at any enjoyable time with meals.
It has an aroma of white peach and the fruit’s elegant and delicate flavour. The dry and crisp finish with umami of rice is pleasant.

Ingredient Undisclosed
Rice Milling Rate Undisclosed
Alcohol 13%
Recommended temperature

Cool (13℃ – 16℃)

Suitable dishes Asparagus, tempura (cod)

※The figures could change depending on sake brewing year

Award history

Grand Gold Medal – Sparkling Sake Category of The Fine Sake Awards Japan 2018

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