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Tenzan Junmai Ginjo Nama Origarami

Fizzy and juicy

Light sparkling Junmai Ginjo with a peach-like flowery aroma that spreads in your mouth. Delicate sweetness and a fruity taste. Please note that the contents might burst out when opening the bottle.
The pressurised sake contains “ori”, sediments of rice and yeast. Origarami is when “ori” is purposely left in the sake. You can have the excitement of opening the bottle.
Seasonal production from March

Ingredient Yamadanishiki
Rice Milling Rate 55%
Alcohol 16%
Recommended temperature

Cool(5℃ – 8℃)

Suitable dishes Suitable dishes: Fruit tarts, strawberries, apples

※The figures could change depending on sake brewing year

Award history

2014 IWC (International Wine Challenge) Sparkling Division Trophy

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