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Daiginjo 3 years old Ichizitsu Senshu

26,280 hours aging

Daiginjo is brewed by hand with Hyogo’s premium Yamadanishiki 35% polished, sake rice; it has been matured at low temperature for 3 years (26,280 hours).
Enjoy the gentle feelings on the tongue refined by the maturation process along with the aroma of rich ripe melon.

Ingredient Yamadanishiki produced in Hyogo grade A area
Rice Milling Rate 35%
Alcohol 17%
Recommended temperature

Cool(8℃ – 12℃)

Suitable dishes Grilled eel, smoked cheese, grilled fish marinated in saikyo miso, sweet and spicy boiled chicken wings

※The figures could change depending on sake brewing year

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