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A hybrid of wine and nihonshu

“We aimed for a hybrid of wine and nihonshu!” The rice is Miyamanishiki from Nagano and the milling rate is 50% the same as re:echo for 30BY. As a new challenge, we used wine yeast and added white koji to enhance acidity.
In the summer, after heat treatment, it will be stored in the cellars at low temperature until shipment. This goes with steaks or Chinese cuisine. With a hint of raspberry and blackberry, it has not only the typical Japanese sake flavour, but also a tranquil and gentle mouthfeel, and a sweetness and an acidity like red wine.

Ingredient Miyamanishiki produced in Nagano Prefecture
Rice Milling Rate 50%
Alcohol 14%
Recommended temperature

Cool (7℃ – 10℃)

Suitable dishes Mapo tofu, steak, mont blanc cake

※The figures could change depending on sake brewing year

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